Working With Us

At Woodfit, we’re as passionate about creating beautiful, functional architectural spaces as you are. Our portfolio of projects is the fruit of a challenging, yet enjoyable and ultimately very successful relationship with our clients over the years.

Here’s how the process normally works!

One to one Consultation

  • Discuss the project
  • Establish the challenges
  • Acoustical and constructional advice
  • Value engineering (if required)
  • Action plan and pricing
  • Specification

This stage gives us the chance to get to understand your project; the earlier in the process this happens, the better. We’ll review your drawings, discuss the likely challenges and come to a shared understanding of the way forward. The client normally uses this opportunity to draw on our experience to help resolve their designs in a way that best satisfies functional, aesthetic and budgetary requirements. We’ll then issue a price estimate and help you prepare a specification.

Project Development & Engineering

  • Supply of technical drawing
  • Discussion on construction
  • Draft of constructional detailing
  • Review and redraft (if required)
  • Sign-off of finished designs
  • Shop drawing and cutting lists

This is a collaborative stage which happens once the project has been awarded. We work together to resolve the technical details; you remain in control of the project while we help you work through the practical barriers to making your vision a reality. Once designs are signed off, we’ll produce shop drawings, and your project is ready for manufacturing.


  • Product manufacture and finishing
  • Safe secure shipping to site
  • Installation (if required)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Documentation and project close

Your products are manufactured at our 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Athlone, Ireland to strict standards for quality and precision. Once finish is applied, products are shipped to site ahead of installation. As appropriate, we will manage installation ourselves or provide the panels “supply only.” Finally, we’ll provide any support required to ensure a successful conclusion to your project.

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